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Berlin's Home of Web3
Work, Connect & Celebrate Web3 at w3.hub
What you get
- Co-Working opportunities for companies & individuals [flex desks or fixed desks]
- Event & team off-site space to boost value exchange
- Regular meet-ups / workshops / exhibitions
- Connections to investors, institutions, brands & Web3 talents
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What We Are Working On
Contributing to the Backbone of Web3
- Bare-metal infrastructure outside of public clouds in german Tier 3+ data centers
- Contributing to decentralization by running minority configurations
- Always expanding support for validators, relay nodes, oracles, and new Web3 infrastructure components such as AVSs
- Operating MPC wallets, german custody & trading infrastructure
Secure and Compliant Staking
- Non-Custodial, native Ethereum staking
- Supporting native restaking, AVSs, and more
- Legal compliance from smart- to legal-contract, respecting german and EU regulation
- Providing data and a tax-optimized legal framework
Empowering Users with tools
- Token Locator for continuous bankability of institutions with crypto assets
- Staking tracker for real-time monitoring and reporting
- Integrations with external tools like wealth management and tax software
- User-friendly staking experience through intuitive design starting at the smart contract level
Engineering / Open Source
Collaborative Software Engineering
- Contributing to and leveraging existing Web3 building blocks
- Collaborating with community developers and participating in Open Source initiatives
- Open Sourcing the majority of tools we build to contribute to the ecosystem
About w3.labs
We build and operate infrastructure for blockchain networks and provide their users with tooling and legally verified options.

Challenges faced as Web 2 entrepreneurs, Web3 degens, TradFi asset managers, and german taxpayers yield a unique perspective on the problem and solution space around Web 3 assets.

As Web 2 builders, we see room for improvement in blockchain UX, especially on the institutional side.

As crypto enthusiasts, we see an opportunity to contribute to the ecosystem by decentralizing using bare-metal infrastructure, using minority clients, contributing back to core protocols, and hosting hackathons and community-meetups.

We don’t shy away from talking to the BaFin, complying with GDPR, and certifying our operations under ISO 27001.
Fund 1: Ventures
Deal focus
Equity and tokens in Web3 startups and DAOs.
Fund 2: Coming Soon...
About w3.fund
Content & Community Driven VC
As a Web3 Native Venture Capital fund, we not only invest in Web3 Startups at the (Pre-) Seed Stage but also host Web3 builders and the community in the w3.hub.
About w3.hub
Berlin's Home of Web3
At w3.hub, we foster a thriving Web3 community, providing access to industry leaders and networking opportunities. Our dynamic space is designed to empower Web3 builders, hosting regular meet-ups, workshops, and events that drive innovation and collaboration. Work, connect & celebrate Web3 at w3.hub, where the future of the internet is being shaped.